Nokia XR20 available in Russia for 44,990 ₽

Nokia XR20
Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos with the Nokia XR10

Nokia X20 might be the best that industry is offering in its price segment, but Nokia XR20 is better. Well, in some aspects Nokia X20 is better, but Nokia XR20 is definitely more durable, has Gorilla Victus on top of its screen, can be used with gloves and when full of water droplets, and can be charged wirelessly.

Nokia XR20 isn’t a cookie for everyone, especially those that are preferring a light diet since this device is a bit on the heavy side, but it is not your classic smartphone. Nokia XR20 is a rugged smartphone, and compared with the top from this class is maybe the best that you can find currently.

Also, this device is probably one of the fastest to be shipped on the market and it is now available in Russia on the official Nokia store for 44,990 ₽ or just 20 € above the announced price. for the price of 519€ you are getting 6/128 GB version of the device in Ultra Blue color.

If interested, head on Russian Nokia shop and check the offer since you are getting also Nokia Power earbuds Lite (BH-405) if you preorder the device.


Thanks Aleksandr for the tip 😉