Unboxing of the Nokia 5.3 and quick hands on (TechTravelGeeks)

After unboxing of the Nokia 1.3 and showing us a new design of the X.3 series, TechTravelGeeks got themselves a Nokia 5.3 and did the unboxing. Nokia 5.3 is also coming in a refreshed front of the box, which now puts more emphasis on the phone. The rest of the box is the same, with a short spec list on the back new Android logo and a more visible Nokia logo on the front. In the box, you can find the phone wrapped in a foil which tells you about Google Assistant and a dedicated button more than some other option of the 5.3. The 10W wall plug, USBa/USBc cable, and WH-108 headphones are now in a compartment next to the phone, which is not a separately inserted box anymore. Under the phone, you will find a SIM Card ejector pin, and a quick setup guide paired with the documentation of the phone.

You can also see a quick walkthrough of the Nokia 5.3 in the video, which is nice. Do enjoy the unboxing of an interesting affordable midrange Nokia smartphone.

Nokia used to publish a quick setup, and Keys and Parts videos whenever a new model would be announced. I think that was a nice touch and kind of miss it now.

TechTravelGeeks also did a quick hands on video of the Android 10 software which is running on Nokia 5.3 and also demonstrated how to set the device up.


There is also a quick video sample recorded by Nokia 5.3 main camera in 4K at 30fps. The video looks nice for a camera that is not stabilized optically, but that wind noise should be taken care of and reduced somehow.


Do share your thoughts of this phone.