Nokia Networks 4G phones and tablet certified in Russia

Back in April Nokia released a promo video on its YouTube channel showing Nokia branded 4G phones and a tablet. Those products are probably never going to be sold in the open market since devices are not designed to be appealing but productive. That is why those phones and a tablet are designed like a true rugged electronic device that should withstand cold and drops from high altitudes.

Anyways, Nokia is pretty much quiet about those devices since the Nokia community could get high hopes and move their focus from Nokia Mobile devices. But, the proof that new Nokia devices coming from Nokia Networks aren’t something that an everyday smartphone user should be concerned about comes with the EEC certificate. The certificate didn’t reveal much other than device code names and that all of them will be running on the GO version of Android 8 (Oreo).

Nokia Networks will be probably using two 4G smartphones and a tablet as terminals of the cellular mobile network. Devices that got certified in Russia are 4G smartphone model SPH310, 4G smartphone model SPH320-a, and 4G tablet model STP310.

I still can’t confirm that the devices seen in the promo video from April are those that got certified but surely they won’t be looking differently.
Nokia did show a 5G version of the network console so that one is expected to be certified soon too.

It would be funny to see them running Nokia’s Z Launcher though.

Check Nokia’s Industrial user equipment video again.