Nokia C30 disassembly video

Nokia C30 is the latest addition to the entry-level group of Nokia smartphones. Since this is one of the most affordable devices on the market, you would expect it to be built simply, out of polycarbonate materials, light, and not so durable. But the reality is completely different thanks to the disassembly video published by Techno Rabin YT channel.

Nokia C30 has a removable back cover, but when you take it off you are confronted with 22 screws that hold an aluminum battery cover plate and plastic motherboard cover firmly connected to the hull. 22 screws…

As the disassembly goes on, the aluminum frame is unveiled beneath the motherboard and battery, which is a bit of a surprise for the price range. The huge 5850 mAh battery is glued to the hull but can be removed easily by pulling blue plastic leaves that stick from underneath it.

I like the internal design of C30, with parts nicely compacted and placement well thought through.

Anyways, do check out the assembly video too, if you are interested in this kind of thing.

Of course, if you are not a skilled technician, do not try to do this at home or without proper skills or tools.


I’m looking forward to seeing how Nokia XR20 is designed internally.