Nokia Mobile’s latest ad is a kick in the right direction

Nokia XR20

To say that I loathed the recent ad campaign by Nokia Mobile is an understatement. In my opinion, it failed to meet every little standards Nokia is known for, and I don’t think it achieved anything other than wasting valuable resources — don’t even get me started with the technicalities. So when the recent marketing campaign didn’t really took off, we weren’t all that surprised. But you know, I’m glad that era has ended, all gone in the wind to point of no return. I’m talking about you “48 Hours of Change”, you little allergen.

Changes done well

Nokia 8.3 vs Nokia X20
Nokia X20 next to Nokia 8.3 5G

Nokia Mobile’s recent restructuring has brought in some changes we have been wanting to see for so many years. The naming of the new products is now less confusing. Everything has a clear target market, and apparently, the restructuring also brought in a new marketing campaign. To be honest, the #LoveTrustKeep didn’t really impressed me that much when we first heard about it (probably all of us except Abdulla 😂), and so I was really wondering where the company is going to take it.

The recent Nokia phones under the tri-series were decent, with more focus on software and support, rather than just hardware alone. We haven’t even heard a single spec sheet mentioned during the launch — yeah, the launch which required me a huge tumbler of black coffee to stay alive. But boy, didn’t Nokia Mobile surprised us with the Nokia XR20 — a device which I think is the most interesting Nokia since the legendary Nokia 7 Plus. Also, I’m glad to say that it is the first Nokia device that got all positive response in the Nokiamob group chat. It’s just so beautiful, and so fitting.

The #ToughtTest is a kick in the right direction

Now, to market the device, Nokia Mobile has set up a new ad campaign called #ToughTest. And I think it is the best ad campaign HMD Global has greenlit for Nokia Mobile since 2017’s heartwarming “Be the Gift”.

In the new ad, Nokia Mobile recruited the Real Madrid legend Roberto Carlos, and the world champion freestyle footballer, Lisa Zimouche, to try and destroy six Nokia XR20 with their powerful kicks. Like literally.

But the highlight is when Roberto Carlos recreated his famous free kick — which the Nokia XR20 survived without taking a single punch. Thanks to its MIL-STD-810H rating.

In a PCWorld article, the football legend quotes:

“I didn’t think the Nokia XR20 could have withstood the power of my kick. I may not be professional anymore, but I know I still pack a punch.”

Oh well, Roberto, it just did. I mean, a rugged Nokia? It’s like coating a military tank with diamonds.

Let’s wait what The Rock has to say though:

Overall, I  am happy with the new ad campaign. It successfully highlighted the device’s major selling point. It’s clear and straight to the point — and high quality. I think Nokia Mobile has finally figured out its way to survival — perhaps even a way to climb through the top. I couldn’t be anymore excited about the future.

Great job, Finns! 🇫🇮