Nokia X20 vs Nokia 8.3 5G Comparison (Video)

8.3 in illusive Polar night vs X20 in Nordic Blue
8.3 in elusive Polar night vs X20 in Nordic Blue

Unlike Marin’s 8.3 5G which seems to be sent specifically to torment him (It responds better to love), my 8.3 is working just fine. However since the Nokia X20 came out, it has convinced me to jump ship, and not just because it’s the new shiny (well, actually matte) toy in the house and I’m a manchild (okay maybe a little bit…). The X20 has actually been a very solid device for my needs, especially because due to the current COVID19 situation. Anyway, if you would like to know how the Nokia X20 and 8.3 trade punches, check out the video below:

On paper, the Nokia 8.3 is the clear winner, due to having a more powerful CPU/GPU combo, a slightly larger and punchier screen, and a better camera setup on the back. Right now, the 8.3 is heavily discounted too, making it a very good deal for anybody looking for a decent midrange with flagship aspects. If you’re given the choice between them, which one would you go for? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below 🙂