Nokia C32 now coming in mint colour

Nokia C32 might not excel in hardware specifications, especially not in the CPU power, but the colour options are great at least. Nokia Mobile quietly slipped another colour version of the Nokia C32 which looks like a nice affordable phone. They actually did the same with C22 just recently which is now available in purple (link).

The new colour option of C32 is Mint and it looks great in it (headline photo). However, I do prefer it in Autumn Green where the dark sides of the plastic frame contrast nicely with the green colour of the backside.

For the price of around 130€ (142 USD, 11700 INR) you are getting not so powerful Unisoc SC9863A1 (22nm) which is running Android 13 out of the box. The phone also has a 50 MP main camera, an 8 MP selfie camera, BT 5.2 and has 5000 mAh battery that charges at 10 Watts.

So, the specs are not the best which is OK for the entry phone, but the colour options are looking great.

Thanks Eero for the tip 😉


Source Nokia/phones