Nokia Lumia 925 | Best Nokia Design? (Video)

Lumia 925: A Piece of Art
Lumia 925: A Piece of Art

There is no doubt that Nokia Mobile used to be masters of hardware design. So which smartphone design would you rank at the very top? Today we have a contender for peak design in the nostalgia series, and this one is stunning: The Lumia 925. For all the quirks and features of the Lumia 925, check out the video below which highlights the strong and weak points:

The Lumia 925 was announced around 7 months after the Lumia 920, as a midlife refresh. But unlike the repetitive efforts we see these days, Nokia completely changed the design of the 920 in an effort to address some of the complaints it faced. While the 920 was a beautiful smartphone, it was certainly a big and heavy boy for its time, and so the Lumia 925 couldn’t be any more different. It was very sleek, with a waistline that measures 8.5 mm compared to 10.7 mm on the original. It weighed only 139 grams, compared to the 185 grams of the Lumia 920. It was also more compact in almost every dimension, while fitting the exact same display size at 4.5″ and mostly the same specs.

Nokia took things a step further, by adding an aluminum frame all around the edges, which curved perfectly to sit in your palm. They also retained the rectangular shape of the device which still remains a Lumia trademark. Furthermore, they didn’t abandon the core values of durability the brand is famous for, so instead of adding a glass back, they used their trusty polycarbonate plastic with a nice soft finish.

The 8.7Mp camera with OIS (First phone to have 6 physical lenses for the main camera btw) was the reason the Lumia 920 needed to be thick, so Nokia curved the plastic back outwards just to integrate the camera sensor into the body, an intelligent solution that is still widely used today by devices like the Nokia X10/X20. The metal-plastic combination is a sight to behold, especially on the black unit that I bought back in 2013.

The 925 wasn’t just a nice refresh. It was a good old-fashioned schooling in the arts of hardware design, and a perfect response to “Nokia makes nicely built hardware that is bulky and outdated”. It certainly slots in my personal top 3 smartphone designs of all time. Svelte.

So which Nokia designs would you put in your top 3? Let us know in the comments!