#Nokia 3310 coming to #US with 850/1900 frequencies (#FCC) *UPDATED: It is the new 105*

A Nokia GSM mobile phone just passed FCC. I say intentionally GSM mobile phone because FCC classifies smartphones as “smart phone” and we know that only one feature phone is in such demand that HMD is willing to change the standard frequencies the device is operating in. It’s of course the new Nokia 3310 (2017).

A lot of readers from the US and Americas in general complained that they want a 3310, but because of a highly developed infrastructure without 2G networks, the new 3310 couldn’t make calls or sent text in the US. HMD said that they are working with US operators to solve that issue by using alternative bands not the default 900/1800MHz, and today FFC shows that an agreement was made. The 3310 is coming to the US.

Today, the FCC published that they certified a device carrying the TA-1037 mark. Without a doubt, after checking the published documentation, the device in question is the new Nokia 3310 (2017). The test results show that the device will use the 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies, that only T-Mobile uses (1900MHz) as a GSM 2G frequency. I don’t believe HMD will put 3G in the 3310, because it would increase the price, and FCC is mentioning GSM as the communication standard, so the 3310 could be a T-Mobile exclusive. You can find more about US operators’ frequencies here or check the table down below.

To be fair, technically, there is a small possibility that maybe HMD is planing to bring another feature phone to the US and not the 3310, but that doesn’t make sense. And for the bands, HMD could modify the device to use CdmaOne that Verizon and U.S. Cellular use or support 3G, but that would affect the price.

All in all, the 3310 should appear in the USA soon and that’s probably the most important news for our US-based readers.

Source: FCC

Update: The phone under model number TA-1037 is not the 3310, but the new Nokia 105 (source).