Nokia Mobile wants your feedback through new Campfire initiative

Getting feedback is important no matter what you do. In every profession, it is hard to improve if you don’t gather data or opinions that are relevant to your work. When making phones, the same applies. Listening to your targeted audience and trying to understand what they want will help you improve your product.

That is that goal of Nokia Mobile’s latest initiative on the Nokia Community Forums. “Campfire” stories aim to gather feedback from fans, with the goal of better understanding users and fans of Nokia phones. There are two campfire discussions already. One was started on June 11th, as part of the Feedback Friday posts and asks “What’s the most important factor when you decide to buy a new phone?“. The second Feedback Friday post was posted this Friday asking for “What will make your new phone long-lasting?“.

The folks that gave the best answers in the first edition of Feedback Friday will get a chance “to be among the first in the world to review the new Nokia Lite Earbuds.” Nokia Lite Earbuds were announced in April, together with Nokia X20. I don’t remember that we got a review unit for Lite Earbuds, but around that time we did review the Huawei Freebuds 4i, that work really well with Nokia phones as well.

It’s great to see Nokia Mobile wanting feedback and awarding those who participate in trying to help the company better understand its customers. I also hope that a lot of great feedback will be implemented in how Nokia Mobile operates and in future products.

You can check the Campfire-related posts in the Community Forum here.

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