The next guest of Nokia Chronicles is Rafe Blandford

Nokia used to do a fantastic program with the users which brought up a Nokia connects that had one goal and one goal only, to connect Nokia users around the world and maybe attract new ones. The marketing program was so successful it started a connection that lasts till today. Nokia Mobile is trying to do the same, but the community itself is doing it well also.

Nokia Chronicles is a nice example of it, and their podcast is all about the connection and bringing back that great feeling of people being connected back. Their next podcast is bringing us a word from Rafe Blandford, the creator of AllAbout (Symbian and WindowsPhone) websites, which were quite popular during the Nokia era.

Rafe is a nice speaker, and he was reminiscing about the times that got him connected with Nokia, which is something all of their guests are doing :). He mentions that Nokia was something different back in the days and on top of the market with innovation and commitment to the crowds.

Rafe was right when he said that Nokia was always being passionate about showing their new products, and they tried to bring product managers to talk with bloggers and explain details brought to the new products. It was definitely a human element that created that passion we all feel today for Nokia. This brought bloggers to the events, not only big news and TV houses.

Nokia created phones for people and people were those that were in charge of the events, not big media houses and PR machinery.

Do check the podcast which is 1:33 minutes long, but trust me it you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Cheers to Adrian and Justin for bringing Rafe to the show.