Nokia Mobile has a new Nokia X20 commercial for Australia

Nokia Mobile is running a new commercial for the recently announced Nokia X20. The device that comes with the Snapdragon 480 5G and represents the best the industry offers is featured in the commercial with the central tagline “It won’t let you down”. We had the phone on review that you can check here.

The promo video is appearing on Nokia Mobile Australia Facebook page and was spotted by our reader Jett that we thank for sending in the tip. The commercial is actually a recording of a commercial, which to me is a refreshing format. The user in the promo tells us what he loves about his Nokia phone, while his car had a flat tire and someone is trying to change it.

The things he loves include camera, battery life, awesome speakers and that it is built to last, making the X20 a phone that won’t let you down. I can’t help myself so the first thing I thought about after hearing this is our Marin’s episode with some unreliability of Nokia 8.3 5G with Android 11 during our friend’s wedding – a short story told in this article here. Nokia Mobile released a new update today for the 8.3 5G, with a new Android build, that hopefully brings back stability for users that experienced a lack thereof.

What do you think about the commercial for Australia? Tell us in the comments down below. If you have an ad idea you want to share, be free to share that as well. 🙂