Nokia Mobile improves product links at official website

When you have a lot of products, it is hard to organize all of them in a clean way to appear on your official website. With phone manufacturers, they have a lot of models and there is a need for distinction between the newest version of a product and its predecessor.

Nokia Mobile, for example, has a naming strategy where most smartphones are named from 1 to 9, with the year after the number or a “.x” decimal part. Such nomenclature can become tricky if you try to apply it to URL on your product page. For example, we have the first Nokia 2 that was under, while Nokia 2.1 was at, but Nokia 2.2 and Nokia 2.3 were both announced in 2019. You can see the problem there.

To clear things up, as @singhnsk noticed on the Nokia Community Forum, Nokia Mobile now has a unified strategy in creating URLs for their products. The URL now contains the generation of the device, not the year. So, on our Nokia 2 example we have the original Nokia 2 at /nokia-2-0, the Nokia 2.1 at /nokia-2-1, the Nokia 2.2 at /nokia-2-2 and the Nokia 2.3 at /nokia-2-3. Interesting is that Nokia 8.3 5G has the 5G in the URL as well, which suggest to me that the rumors ofa cancelled 4G version were probably true.

I agree that having well structured links isn’t too much to ask, but what is more valuable here that product pages for all announced Nokia smartphones under Nokia Mobile are still available and can be easily accessed by just changing the second digit in the url. Hopefully Nokia Mobile will keep all the links alive because, personally, I like to visit older product pages to see how the devices evolved and what were some main selling points the company created, without the need of using the internet archive.