Episode 9 of Nokia Chronicles bringing another Aussie Nokian

Not many people believed in electric cars, and now you have them in all shapes and forms. The same goes with Nokia Chronicles, and Aussies managed to record the ninth episode. Adrian and Justin, the iconic Aussie duo are bringing again a speaker that got hooked on Nokia a long time ago.

Michael Faro-Tusino is the main ingredient of the ninth episode, and if you are not familiar with him, he was (probably still is) a valuable member of myNokiaBlog, a web space that all the Nokia fans and aficionados were visiting religiously every day.

In the podcast, Adrian and Justin are evoking Michael’s memories of Nokia, his attachment to the brand, his connection with MyNokiaBlog, and many other things like how he handled meeting Stephen Elop :).

Cool show again, Justin and Adrian!