Lidl offering a 50-inch Nokia TV in Belgium

I don’t know about Lidl offers in your country, but here in Croatia, we are always getting offered some uninteresting stuff. This isn’t just an ordinary the grass is always greener on the other side thing, but do check out the offer from Lidl in Belgium.

If you go to Lidl to pick up wipes, peanuts, paper towels, and dark chocolate, you might as well get yourself a 50 inch Nokia smart TV. The Nokia smart TV is being sold there for €499 which is a decent price for an Ultra HD or 4K TV that is coming with Android 9 installed on.

We had a chance of reviewing the 43-inch Nokia TV, and I must say that for the price, StreamView is selling a great product. The video and audio quality is great, and the Android TV is working also well. It has never been easier for me to share photos over Chromecast or consume some streaming content over it.

And what are we getting aside from Parkside tools, Huawei Tab 1, and Motorola headphones… The next time when someone says that all the countries in the EU are equal, just show him this post and Lidl offers 🙂

Did anyone else outside of Belgium maybe saw the latest Nokia TV being offered in Lidl or elsewhere?




Cheers Thomas for the tip.