Juho Sarvikas is teaming up with Qualcomm

Juho Sarvikas announced at the end of March that he will be leaving Nokia brand in April, but he didn’t mention where he will be working next. Since his last position was in the US, where he was also the VP of HMD Global for North America, many thought he will join Google or Qualcomm.

Juho just announced that he will become Quho once again since he will be joining Qualcomm as the VP & President of North America, starting from April 12th. Since Qualcomm is bringing currently the best chipsets for smartphones all around the world, Juho will be working with all of the smartphone manufacturers, including Nokia Mobile. His new position is a pretty big jump in his career, and that is probably why he already changed the company flags on his twitter account where Juho is mostly active. 

This is definitely a strange move to do, if he is still working for Nokia Mobile, but if not, then we wish him all the best in Qualcomm.