Android 11 released for Nokia 3.2

Nokia Mobile announced that Android 11 is now available for Nokia 3.2. The big update for Nokia 3.2 is marked as V3.140 and it is 1.43 GB large. The update is bringing March security patch together with all the improvements of Android 11.

The most noticeable improvement is in the setting menu where the icons have been redesigned, and you’ll also notice that the background of the dark theme is really black. Android 11 is also bringing improvements in the notifications which are now better organized and you can control them better.

The update started showing up around the world, but there is a possibility that it will be released in phases. So, do check your device and report back if you got Android 11. Also, do share how the device works on Android 11.

So, Nokia 8.1 isn’t the next one to get it after all, but Nokia Mobile did mention that they are working hard on getting the Android 11 for the eligible Nokia devices.

Thanks Krishna K for the tip and screenshot.


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