Nokia Professional True Wireless Earphones P3600 review (Qucox), now available in China

Nokia recently announced the new earphones called the Nokia Professional True Wireless Earphones (P3600) in a very low-key or hush-hush manner. It is probably the most eye-catching earphones model coming from the hands of RichGo Technology.

The earphones are now available in China through Tmall for ¥449 (€58₹5054, US$69). Click here to head to the product page on Tmall.

Now, Qucox, a blog dedicated to audio accessories, managed to get the new earphones and posted a good overview. We do not get to see the full retail package. However, the author describes that the charging case, earbuds, charging cable, and the two extra ear tips are put together in an outer box made of aluminium alloy with a matte finish. The outer box looks somewhat similar to the retail box of the Nokia N1, albeit smaller and in a different color.

Nokia P3600 and Nokia E72

Then there is the charging case cross-wrapped in a cover inside the box. The mirror-like appearance of the charging case contributes the most to the premiumness of this product, but that is limited to the looks and feel since the metal case will act as a fingerprint magnet. The charging case weighs about 63 g, has a USB Type-C charging port, and the power supply through it is 400 mAh that can help the earbuds stay alive for up to 24 hours.

The IPX4 (splash proof) rated earphones are lightweight, with each earbud weighing just 4.6 g, and support Bluetooth 5.2 for better connectivity. Each earbud has a 45 mAh battery that will help it last 6 hours. Its Clear Voice Capture (CVC) technology cuts out the background noise and makes your voice the focus during calls.

There’s a dedicated gaming mode that will help reduce the latency and result in better synchronization of intricate and fast-moving sounds during gaming. Double click on the left earphone activates the ambient mode that lets you pay attention to the surroundings alongside listening to your audio. Triple-click on the right earphone activates the voice assistant (Google Assistant or Siri). The earphones also support Qualcomm’s aptX technology.

The reviewer concludes by saying that the earphones have good vocal reproduction and the bass is heavier. At higher frequencies, the performance is quite detailed and not very harsh. At mid-range, it is neutral, and the low frequency extension is not much deep. The sound quality of the earphones are satisfactory even when you are using them while commuting. The earphones seem to be a good deal for the price.

Do check Qucox’s full review of the Nokia Professional True Wireless Earphones (P3600) here.

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