Nokia protects designs of its latest smartphones and feature phones

EU Intellectual Property Office released the graphics of recently protected designs of Nokia phones. This is kind of head-scratcher info since EUIPO clearly confirms that the design of recently announced Nokia feature phones and smartphones are the intellectual property of Nokia Mobile and not the property of Chinese ODM’s.

Well, maybe the end design is the work done by the in-house designers, and maybe the rest 88% of the phone is sculpted by Chinese manufacturers for Nokia mobile. But, then again, on the same page, you can see that the design of Nokia 800 Tough is patented, and there is still recently launched Ulefone Armor Mini 2 that really reminds me of 800 Tough. A real head-scratcher, as I mentioned before.


Anyway, if you check the EUIPO pages, you can see that Nokia Mobile protected the designs of smartphones Nokia 2.4, 3.4, 5.4, then feature phones Nokia 225 4G, Nokia 215 4G, and finally the designs of recently announced KaiOS running Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G.

Also, now are visible diagrams of lovely designed Nokia 125 and Nokia 150. Interestingly, there are three design patents yet to be revealed, and we know that Nokia 1.4 is definitely one of those and that Nokia Mobile plans to announce it soon. But, there is a slight chance of seeing a new Nokia 6 and Nokia 7, which are now a missing links.


Check EUIPO pages for more details.