ZEISS Camera Lenses now partnering with Vivo

Back in September 2020, Zeiss announced they were doing a project with Sony named Xperia 5 II. This project includes the development of specifically calibrated optics for the Sony Xperia 1 II. Those optics will also feature renowned ZEISS T* coating for reduced reflection, which should result in exquisite contrast and image rendering.This deal meant that ZEISS isn’t going to show up just on Nokia phones, which made them stand out in the market. But as you might have noticed, the ZEISS logo is not the same, which means that different departments are working with Nokia Mobile and other partners, or that a different level of products is being used. The logo used on Sony devices can be noticed on ZEISS camera optics, and a technology incorporated in their Xperia 1 II is a sort of interpolation of ZEISS camera lenses technology.

Anyhow, many Nokia fans didn’t like the idea of ZEISS not offering the same tech to Nokia phones, especially since ZEISS and Nokia go back since 2005. But, the fans won’t be happy knowing that ZEISS partnered with a Chinese brand Vivo too.

They just announced that they are preparing to enable another level of creativity with Vivo and from the render it seems that the camera of Vivo’s latest smartphone will be having ZEISS lenses or camera technology incorporated. Vivo announced today that they are planning to launch a Vivo X60 5G smartphone on December 29 that will be coming with ZEISS optics, Exynos 1080 chipset, and an all-new micro-head camera. It seems that Zeiss will be bringing its Vario camera technology which could be something similar it developed for Sony lenses.

This phone does look interesting, but also, brings a question about what is Nokia Mobile working on, and what kind of cooperation will they be doing with ZEISS. So far, we know that ZEISS has been making lenses and software improvements for Nokia smartphones, but maybe ZEISS has plans on bringing another camera tech to maybe the new Nokia 9 that has been delayed for some unknown and known reasons.

The ZEISS move to other brand partners is logical since they have an interesting camera technology that can be scaled down to smartphones. Also, the deal with Sony and Vivo will bring them some extra profit, and maybe put their logo on some other products. Since Vivo is a part of BBK that owns Oppo, realme, and OnePlus, the potential business options are vast for the German optics manufacturer.


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