Nokia makes 5G deployment fully digital

Nokia has been working a lot lately in transforming its company to become a better one and adjust even more to the everchanging market. The 5G race is slowly coming to an end, and the race is not easy with competitors like Ericsson and Huawei, which is still pretty much alive and kicking. To become faster in the race Nokia digitized completely the 5G deployment, which will enable its customers to get to the market faster up to 30%. Full digitalization of the 5G deployment means that Nokia’s networks are seamless, more transparent, and faster. Also, the full digitalization means that there will be fewer visits to the sites needed, which also reduces carbon print and makes the environment greener.

Do check out a nicely done Nokia promo video that describes the Nokia digital deployment even better. It is nice to see how they are combining classical fieldwork and a lot of techs like drones, video streams, and a lot of real-time office analysis on digital tables.

Looks cool to be a technician in Nokia… Of course, this is just a video, and on video, everything looks nicer, but if there is any Nokia technician here reading this, do share your work experience. You are allowed to use your fake name 🙂