The first Nokia smartphone lineup looked bold on early renders


Juho Sarvikas commemorated the fourth year of HMD Global’s existence by posting some of the very first design ideas for the Nokia smartphone return. I don’t know if it is just me, but I like the design ideas and prototype models and renders more than the final product because in those kinds of products the limits are usually broken, and the end product kind of puts the designer’s idea to the ground.

Anyway, It is interesting how a simple line charge can shape the end product character as being more rational or emotive. The first Nokia phones share both of those ideas, with Nokia 8, 5, and 3 carrying emotion, while Nokia 6 being firmly on the ground, solid as a tank. One could also find some resemblance in the emotive design lines with the Lumia 920, which was beautifully designed. Also, when you check the first lineup of Nokia smartphones, many think that four models would be ideal, and we would have 16 phones and not over 25 or more that need to be tendered.

Anyway, Juho also posted most probably an early design idea of the Nokia, but with just an engraved logo next to the camera module and on sides. I like the engraved logo idea, and Nokia Mobile did use that idea, but instead of polishing the aluminum inside, they glued Nokia letters, which would later fall off.

The engraved logo on a side looks also cool, and the idea of not having it centered reminds me a bit of a Nokia N900 that had a logo placed in the upper right part of the display area.

This isn’t that bad idea, and maybe it could be considered in the future when bezeless Nokia phones should be a reality. Just a slight engraved portion of aluminum could find its place in a bottom part of the phone, instead of a massive Josh Brolin like chin, or on a side of the phone maybe.