Nokia 6.2 to come in Forest Green

With Nokia 2.2, Nokia Mobile launched a new body color for its phones. Actually, Nokia 2.2 did came in gray and black, but its Xpress-on covers do come in Forest Green, Pink Sand, and Ice Blue. According to Nokia Anew’s recent tweet, seems like Nokia Mobile is ready to make Forest Green a new official body color for the series 6 which is the most popular mid-range class of Nokia phones.

Nokia mobile wasn’t bold with colors even though some blue and copper versions of their devices were utterly beautiful (Nokia 5, Nokia 8, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 9 PV). I also liked the white version of Nokia 3 and copper black version of Nokia 7 Plus, but a bit more color in the mid and top model class wouldn’t hurt. Some color variants weren’t even available globally. The Forest Green does look more classy than the saturated colors of some old Nokia Lumia devices, but I would love to see Lumia colors back on some Nokia phones. I loved the red and blue covers of Nokia 1 Plus and Nokia 105 looks great in Pink and Blue.

What do you think of Forest green Nokia 6.2? Would you go after it? What colors would you like to see on new Nokia smartphones, good old Lumia colors or something new?