Nokia 4.2 will be sold in Malaysia for RM599

Nokia 4.2 is an interesting device and a one that started a new line of Nokia phones (Lumia series 4 not taken into account). Nokia avoided creating device lines that would start with number four since it is considered an unlucky number in some cultures. HMD doesn’t think that, so didn’t Microsoft and look where Microsoft’s mobile phone division ended up. Anyway, Nokia 4.2 is a bit advanced version of Nokia 3(.2) and also comes in a smaller form factor that might be appealing to some.
the phone is officially announced in Malaysia where it will be sold for RM599 (approximately €130). The device will be available in Black and Pink Sand that might attract the ladies more. The Black model will be available on April 26, while the Pink Sand variant is coming to Malaysia in May.

Source Lowyat.NET