Nokia 8.3 5G price lowered in some Benelux countries

Nokia 8.3 5G is a good phone, a decent upper-midrange phone that just gets things done. I know that is missing a few features that other 600€ phones should be having like wireless charging, OIS, waterproofness maybe, and a higher refresh rate display, but it is working rather well and gets things done. Its camera is performing extremely well, the battery lasts for a day, and the screen is super large for easier reading and watching.

Anyway, what many folks minded when the phone first got out was the price for the 8/128 GB model. Some might say that €649 is much for Nokia 8.3, especially now when the competition is offering a lot more for the same price. But, as time goes by, the price of the Nokia 8.3 5G is becoming more and more attractive. You can now grab the phone for €577 at Amazon NL. Also, you can find it at an even lower price, for example, at, where the retailer is selling the 8/128 GB model for €570. This price is currently lower than the announced price for the 6/64 GB model, which is cool.

In case you are interested in having a fast smartphone with a large screen, a smartphone that supports 5G, and has a good performing 64MP main camera, do check out Nokia 8.3 5G. Before you head out in store to check it, do also check out the prices and where to see it in Benelux region. Tweakers did a nice price list.

How are the prices of 8.3 5G in your country? Unfortunately, here in Croatia, we won’t be seeing it. 

Big thanks to Thomas for the tip and links 😉