Nokia Mobile to launch Nokia 5.3 and Nokia C2 in Brazil soon

After more than three years since its inception, Nokia Mobile entered the Brazilian market this year in early May with the launch of the Nokia 2.3. Thereafter Nokia mobile has not launched any new device in the country yet. When Florian Seiche, CEO, HMD Global, appeared for an interview in June, he said that the operations in the country started a bit later than expected due to the pandemic.

However, the situation is going to change soon. Recently, Junior Favero, Director – Brazil, HMD Global, in a conversation with Mobile Time said that, the company plans to launch at least two new products in Brazil by the end of this year. He refrained from mentioning the name of the new devices, but the not-so-recent certifications reveal that the new devices are none other than the Nokia 5.3 and Nokia C2.

As per the certifications, the TA-1223 variant of the Nokia 5.3 and the TA-1263 variant of the Nokia C2 will be available in Brazil. It might look like that Nokia Mobile is taking it slow in the country, and they want to go ahead with their set devices. However, Nokia Mobile has a global launch event planned on September 22, and we can also expect the upcoming devices to be available in the country soon.

Nokia 5.3
Nokia C2

Junior Favero also highlighted the investment of US$230 million that HMD Global received from Google, Nokia Corporation, Qualcomm, and other investors. He said that a part of it will be used in Brazil to take the Nokia phones to more sales channels, especially to telecom operators and through digital-first offerings. Also, he did not deny the possibility of manufacturing based in Brazil in the near future.

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