Lenovo granted motion to stay the enforcement of Nokia’s patent injunction in Germany

Two weeks ago, Nokia started enforcing a patent injunction the company won against Lenovo in Germany, meaning blocking Lenovo from selling products that infringe on Nokia’s patent in the German market. This week, the Munich Higher Regional Court granted Lenovo the motion to stay Nokia’s enforcement, meaning that for a collateral of around 5 million dollars Lenovo can continue selling its products in Germany.

I’m not a legal expert, so I recommend checking FossPatents article that covers the ongoing patent litigation cases in the mobile industry.  Nokia has four more cases against Lenovo pending in Germany and the Finnish telecommunications giant also took to court German car maker Daimler over patent infringement.

We will follow how this legal battle unfolds and see what the German legal system will decide, or maybe Nokia and Lenovo will make some deal that would satisfy both sides.

Source: FossPatents