Latest Camera app update caused problems for Nokia 8

Nokia Mobile released the update for one of the two apps that come preinstalled on Nokia phones. The latest update for the camera app is going to improve the user experience for the owners of Nokia phones, hopefully for the better. Users of the latest Nokia phones are now able to see many new options in the app and changes in the app UI as well.
Nokia Mobile promised to overhaul the camera experience on Nokia phones, and they did that, especially for the users of Nokia 8. Camera update for that jewel didn’t include the Pro, Bokeh or Black and white modes, and the app wasn’t working well. Because of that problem, Nokia Mobile revoked the app from the Google Play store and announced that the fixed version will be released later on. Apparently, they released the wrong version of the app for Nokia 8.
Some users reported that constant crashing of the app that followed can be solved by clearing the app data and cache. Maybe, the best option would be to uninstall the latest update by clicking on the three dots in the app settings.

Anyway, share with us your experiences with the Nokia 8 camera app, and tell us when you receive the fixed version.