Android 11 is officially released but not yet for Nokia smartphones

Google officially released the latest upgrade of its Android OS, Android 11. New software upgrade won’t be radically changing the looks and feel of Android smartphones, but some new software features could make us communicate more easily and control our connected devices. Notifications of communication apps should be organized in the notification menu, so it is easy for you to continue exchanging messages on various apps.

There are also bubbles, something like Messanger is using now, so you can more quickly continue the started conversation. The switch from media playing on your BT speaker to your buds should be much quicker with Android 11, and there will be a hub for all smart devices connected, something like Samsung developed a long time ago.

New privacy settings are bringing one-time permissions for apps that are using sensitive bits of the device like microphone, video, calls… and after a while, if the app isn’t used, Android will ask you to take the permissions off.

Anyway, it doesn’t feel like much, but new things are always welcome. At least, it is showing where Google is going with its most valuable software platform. But, what most of you want to know is whether Nokia is going to be seeing the new Android 11 update sooner than others, the answer is no.
The first devices to get the new Android 11 are going to be some selected models of Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and realme phones. Other partners of Android, which probably include Nokia, will be seeing a new update in the next couple of months.

Juho Sarvikas did congratulate its partners on the first stable release, and Nokia mobile also, but the future update roadmap is still not shown. This time Nokia Mobile didn’t start the beta program, so the time till we start receiving new Android version could be expressed in months. I hope that newer Nokia models will be getting Android 11 just before the New Year, while the rest could be seeing it in the first and second quarter of 2021.

If you want to learn more about Android 11, check the official page.