Nico Rosberg sticks to its Finnish roots

Nico Rosberg, a former F1 racing driver, was raised in Monaco but has Finnish roots. His father is a Finn, Keke Rosberg, who was also an F1 driver, and Nico is proud of his roots. He is proud so much that he is using Nokia 3310 from 2017 as his daily driver, hehe.

Just kidding, of course, there are many reasons why would someone be using a feature phone instead of a smart one, and maybe Nico is just tired of receiving emails, messages, and social network notifications. Another thing why would someone go for Nokia 3310 is the small form factor, great design and ergonomy. I really like my 3310, which I carry on the beach with me, and somewhere where a regular smartphone would be an impediment, like cycling or running. I am still not able to live without a smartphone, but when I’m on holiday or doing training, a feature phone is what I take with me.

Are you guys still using new Nokia 3310?

Source Reddit / Instagram (Natalie Pinkham)