Nokia 8 V 5G coming to Verizon Wireless, reveals Geekbench

Nokia 8.3 5G Polar Night color

The Nokia 8.3 should soon finally arrive to market, and with the recent investment Nokia Mobile received, manufacturing and distribution problems should be easier to handle as well. The 8.3 5G will also be available in the United States, as we previously confirmed by Nokia Mobile, but the customers in the United States might also see a special version for Verizon Wireless.


As it was revealed by Geekbench, Nokia Mobile is preparing to launch the Nokia 8 V 5G (UW?) with Snapdragon 765G, 6GB of RAM and Android 10. The “V” in name suggests that the device is headed to Verizon Wireless, considering we saw the same pattern with the Nokia 2V and Nokia 3V that Nokia Mobile made for that US operator. My guess is that all the other specs should remain the same, but we also saw that there were some differences between the US models and international models (like the 3.1 Plus for Cricket), so one can never know.

Bringing affordable 5G devices and deeper cooperation with US operator was one of the four key areas Nokia Mobile will focus after the new round of founding. The US was never Nokia’s strong market, but with US-China tech war, maybe the tides change.

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