Nokia is not going left or right, just straight in the current W-E tech fight

What I always admired and liked about Nokia as a huge corporation, is the neutrality and not taking sides in the business. Nokia was always on its own and taking the course that the board and managers determined, even if it was the wrong one. They could have gone with Android, but almost managed to make the Windows Phone OS a reliable third choice. Nokia could have left the Health department and make Nokia Technologies a more meaningful division, but they went their own way. The Finns could have taken a more decisive stand and go harshly against Huawei and Ericsson, but chose a slower path to the top, which showed many flaws in the process and gave them a chance to improve 5G offerings.

The neutrality and following their own capacities and innovation is something that the new CEO and President of Nokia Pekka Lundmark is cherishing. Commenting on the US-China geopolitical fight, he said that Nokia is not taking sides. For him, the alignment to one side and moving along with the geopolitics to drive some political agenda would be disastrous for the technology business where partners rely on the trust in the company. He also stated that the recent wins in the 5G race are just pure business and that Nokia is playing straight.

The recent investment in HMD Global, which brought back the Nokia brand to the smartphone business, could be interpreted in many ways. Some might say that Nokia is boosting its own name, helping create a European smartphone manufacturer, but I would do the same. Nokia is powered by investments, so if they see a chance for a profit, they will take it. If you are a leader in a new 5G technologies, wouldn’t you like to have good and reliable 5G phones that are carrying your logo? It would be a reasonable investment for their networking department to perfect 5G radios and reception on the phones. Nokia 8.3 5G is the first example of that, and hopefully, there will be more of that.

I am glad to hear that Lundmark, even though a different CEO character than Suri, is still following Nokia’s main philosophy, and that is the improvement of humankind through connection.

Source: Yahoo

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