Photos of Nokia Star-Lord/Daredevil leaked with Lumia 1020/830-like camera housing?*UPDATED*

Photos of an unknown Nokia device appeared on Chinese social media. The device in question comes with a tear-drop notch screen and a circular camera housing on the back. The “circle”, that we first saw with the Lumia 1020 and later with the affordable flagship Lumia 830, is housing 3 cameras and LED flash, with the 3rd camera being a ToF sensor, as can be seen from the photo.

It was revealed to us that the codename of an upcoming device with Lumia 830 – like camera housing is Star-Lord, inspired by the Marvel superhero from Guardians of the Galaxy. The device in picturs fits that description of Star-Lord. It can be possible that HMD has more similar devices in pipeline and this isn’t the Star-Lord we know about. Only time will tell…

On the front the phone looks similar to the Nokia 2.2, 3.2 and 4.2, showing that teardrop notch and an overall oval shape are in Nokia Mobile’s design guidelines for 2019. The back looks shiny, so it is probably glass. I hope that wireless charging is on-board too.

Based on the camera UI, where one can see the “wide-angle icon”, one of the remaining two cameras on the back is probably a wide-angle one, while the one with the biggest sensor is the main one. I also think I see a dedicated Google Assistant button on the side.

Apart from the name and pictures released on Baidu, that is all we know about this device. It looks like a midrange or higher end phone, and hopefully HMD will announce it soon.

Source: Baidu

Update: The exif info on the photo taken with the device shows that the device is called “Daredevil”, meaning that Star-Lord might be reserved for another similar-looking phone. The exif also shows a 48MP camera sensor.

Update 2: Further photos reveal some specs of the device, like Snapdragon 660 SoC, FullHD+ display and 3500mAh battery.