Nokia and Indian Institute of Science to establish a robotics lab

In a press release, Nokia announced it is working with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to establish a Centre of Excellence for Networked Robotics. The goal of the lab would be to promote “socially relevant use-cases” in the fields of emergency management, industrial automation and agriculture.

The Nokia Centre of Excellence for Networked Robotics will be available to the IISc community and their partners for collaboration on research projects that involve the already mentioned fields where robotics and 5G can be used to improve human life and production processes. Nokia Bell Labs expertise in “robot orchestration, robot network controller and human-robot interaction” will also be utilized to further the research that will be done on the Institute.

The use-cases that were mentioned in the press release that this collaboration will explore is using drones in agriculture “to promote water conservation and avoid human contact with pesticide”, drones and 5G to gather situational information and help first responders in emergency situations and drones for anticipating crop fires. Nokia is going big on drones, and we already saw a few demos, so students and researchers will have fun working on these use-cases.

Source: Nokia