Great video demo of what has Nokia been doing lately (Mrwhosetheboss)

Nokia might be the most known because of the Nokia phones, but lately, the Finnish giant diversified its business a lot. The core business is networking, but that networking can be divided into a lot of specific areas that Nokia is covering nowadays. All those areas are a part of Nokia’s wast end-to-end portfolio of services that are being offered to the customers. Mrwhosetheboss was invited to Nokia’s HQ in Espoo, Finland and was given a tour around the Executive Experience Center where he tried all the latest tech that Nokia is basing on the 5G network. He also had a chance to play with a Nokia drone that Nokia has been showing lately in many of its videos. The drones are used for rescue missions, surveillance, control of the base towers and monitoring of the environment. Mrwhosetheboss documented the trip on Nokia 9 PureView and demoed some of the photos he shot and edited.
Do check the nicely done video below.

Kudos for Nokia for doing this kind of promotion.

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