Apple to start using Nokia’s newly announced data center networking software

If you are interested in the spiritual topics, you might have bumped on a theory that there is a spiritual world existing next to ours, but on a different frequency. If you are not so interested in the spiritual world and believe in all you can see, you might be surprised to know that there is a word that lives next to the real one, which is powered by data centers and controlled by data center networking software. Nokia announced a new Network Operating System (NOS), which will change the way networking data centers operate. Nokia will empower companies like service providers and enterprises to quickly design, deploy, adapt, and automate data center network fabrics at large scale. This will be crucial in the next decade when businesses start to transition towards Industry 4.0 and new high-speed 5G networks.
The new Nokia Service Router Linux® (SR Linux) NOS and Nokia Fabric Service Platform (FSP) were co-developed with leading global webscale companies, including Apple. Apple is an early adopter of the new technology that will be used in its data centers.
This announcement puts Nokia on top of the Data Center Equipment market, especially the deal with Apple, which will hopefully improve the market value of Nokia’s stocks.

Nokia Press