Accessories are important, and Nokia (Mobile) needs them

Accessories are something that every real brand has and needs since those little gadgets, covers, earphones, chargers, cables, hoodies, and T-shirts can help the visibility of a brand. Nokia Mobile has a variety of accessories, mostly covers, and headsets, but there are some interesting wireless chargers and earbuds, and all of them have a single problem. You can’t buy it, check it or even test it. I am starting to bore myself with this, but looking back at the ecosystem of late Nokia, accessories define the brand, and can also boost the economy of it. Nokia Mobile Russia even started selling hardcover diaries and hoodies, which looked cool, especially hoodies.

It seems that I’m not the only one seeing the potential of Nokia shirts and hoodies. Nokia users from the Nokia community forum started a thread where they are asking fans to support the production of ShotOnNokia hoodies to promote making photos with Nokia devices. The idea is also to make Nokia phonographers more visible to others so they could connect in the open and create even better shots, share ideas, and so on.

The idea is great, and hopefully, Nokia Mobile will listen and dedicate funds to create some Nokia merchandise and accessories for Nokia fans to enjoy, feel special.

What are your thoughts on this? If you have an idea, do discuss it here or share it with the rest at the Nokia Community forum.