Video: Mr. Mobile revisits phones when Nokia was fun…and crazy

Gone are the days when designers and engineers at Nokia were going over the top in terms of the design of its mobile phones. In fact, so over the top that some of Nokia’s previous phones are rather impossible to use as mobile phones but is better off use as an accessory alongside that embarrassing early 2000s make-up and fashion trend.

The more unconventional the shape was, the more you are ready to rock the red carpet, and allure the eyes of your fans or paparazzi. Nokia, of course, baited at that trend. Its fancy Vertu line may be sparkling with rare stones and metals, but it is the plasticky Nokia-branded lineup that is setting the trend in the pre-iPhone world. Nokia was like the Cher of the mobile phone industry. Campy, sophisticated, unique, and crazy iconic.

Yes, modern phones do scream sleek, but originality is nowhere to be seen. After all, every single smartphone right now is just one boring slab of metal, glass, or cheap plastic emulating the glass. So it is always good to look back on the crazy trendsetters of the past.

In MrMobile’s latest video, embedded below, he played with some of the craziest Nokia phones the world has ever had. Of course, my all-time favorite Nokia 6600 is in there – and I still have it.

By the way, our good friend Jim O’Brien (@techbuzzinfo) from Techbuzz Ireland probably has these phones too. After all, he has one of the biggest collections of Nokia phones in Europe and some of it was on sale recently. So check his collection as well and shoutout to him. 🙂

Thanks everyone for the tips. 🙂