Nokia Mobile working on a new feature phone project Gemini *April Fools*

Feature phone business is still strong today and no wonder that Nokia Mobile is pushing new models to keep up with the demand. But something new is needed, something that can be a bridge to a classical large-screen smartphone of today, but still in the form of a feature phone. We received a tip from a tipster, that that proved to have good sources within Nokia Mobile, that the Finns are developing a phone hiding behind the Gemini code name. The tipster managed to sneak a few renders of what the phone could look like, and I must say it does seem to be the feature phone I wanted. The phone has a modular design, and two modules that have screens are connected with a bridge that is serving as a battery and a holder for the modules.

The bottom module according to the tipster and images, can be used as a keyboard and a trackpad, while the upper one is mostly reserved for displaying the various content we are consuming daily. The tipster couldn’t say what OS will the future feature phone run, but this could very well be based on Google’s attempt of Android for low powered phones. The project is now in a late stage of development and is planned for MWC2021. Some early prototypes can be found in the wild, but knowing how Nokia Mobile is prone to killing great looking devices, there is a chance of never seeing this one.

How do you like this phone?