Nokia 5.3 is a great budget midranger with a few gimmicks (TFellas review)

As Nokia 5.3 is slowly popping up on the markets, and first reviews of the phone are coming accordingly. Nokia Mobile announced Nokia 5.3 as a Bond smartphone together with Nokia 8.3, and the phone has a duality in its build like every Bond agent. Nokia 5.3 is sleek, nicely built, the design of the phone is great, except the useless Google Assistant button, but the specs are somewhat on the dark side. Well, since this is a budget phone, some of its parts like the relatively low-resolution display that is not ideal for some games and somewhat weak wide and macro cameras are making it a hard choice. But, if you check the review of TFellas below, you will see that this phone isn’t aimed at those people that will notice such gimmicks. That kind of person will satisfy themselves with more expensive phones like Nokia 8.3 5G, or top-notch phones from Samsung, Huawei or even BBK.

Nokia 5.3 is a budget phone which brings the users to a world of midrange smartphones. We still haven’t reviewed the phone, so I can’t say a lot about it, but it seems to me that this could be a nice transition for all of those that previously used Nokia 4.2 or some similar phone from other manufacturers. There are many small issues with the phone according to the review, but the only issue I see with Nokia 5.3 is the competitive pricing on various markets. In the price range of Nokia 5.3, there is a lot of phones from other manufacturers and the Nokia brand isn’t enough nowadays to boost sales. If the phone will be priced right, that the sales numbers will be great. Well, that is simple enough, right? We’ll see.

Cheers SirFacePhone for the tip 😉