Nokia is Finland’s top patent applicant in 2017

One very important part of Nokia’s business is invention of innovative technologies and software. That part is usually kept quiet, but over the years, Nokia gave the world many technical solutions that are now providing her notable income. Nokia patented many things that are basically running the modern telecommunications industry, but is also patenting other technologies that could be of significant meaning in the future.

Nokia is one of the top Finnish companies regarding the yearly patent applications and in 2016 was in fourth place. In 2017 Nokia took the throne once again by filing 53 patent applications. In the second place was Aalto University Foundation Sr with 48 and in third place was 2016 champion VTT Technical Research Center of Finland with 39 patent applications.

Check out the whole list below published by the Finnish National Board of Patents and Registration. Also, keep in mind that this is the list of the Finnish patent office, not EU’s office or the US office were the number of patents is significantly bigger.

Who knows, maybe this penta camera system originally came from Nokia Technologies? Nokia has been playing with many imaging technologies, and Nokia OZO has been one of those that arose from bunch of filed patents. We have seen from OZO Audio that Nokia is willing to test, apply and monetize their technologies through HMD’s Nokia phones, so maybe now is time for some camera improvements. Of course, HMD is working closely with ZEISS and those guys also have some pretty interesting patent portfolio that can shake the smartphone industry when combined with the Nokia logo.