Camera comparison: Nokia 6 vs. iPhone 7 Plus (Video)

One would think it is silly to compare a €800+ flagship, whose main selling point is a new camera, besides the courageous removal of headphone jack, and a €200+ midrange device in any terms, not only camera. But it makes sense, because the camera on flagships is the standard, and it is always good to see how a new phone compares to the market standards. A YouTuber called “Real Tech Show” posted a camera comparison of iPhone 7 Plus and the newly announced Nokia 6.

Of course, overall, the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus is better, as it is supposed to be, because of the different price groups, and a former Nokia expert, Ari Partinen, leads the camera development team at Apple. However, the Nokia 6 did hold ground against iPhone 7Plus. Some photos look more pleasant on the 6 than on the iPhone, but the difference in quality is clear in video stabilization, and the quality of the front cameras, of course on the side of the iPhone. Some examples where the Nokia 6 took better images, or they were close, can be seen down below the video comparison.


Not bad for a €230 (245$) phone. We previously saw the Nokia 6 camera comparison against OnePlus3T, where Nokia 6 produced better images than the €440 worth flagship. But we need to note that we still didn’t see a “full resolution” camera comparison, because the pictures taken with the device were made into videos, and the resolution was shrunk to FullHD.

The same YouTuber made a standalone Nokia 6 camera samples video, which you can check out down below.


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