Nokia 7 now available outside flash sales in China; 99% positive reviews

HMD’s second smartphone announced for the Chinese market, the Nokia 7, can now be regularly purchased in China, via and Nokia’s TMall store. Nokia 7 had two flash sales before the retailer(s) had enough stock to offer the device to all customers, regardless pre-registrations. Looking back at the Nokia 6 launch in China, the device was available outside flash sales after more than 10 rounds of flash sales, and it seems that either interest for the 7 is lower or HMD/ FIH supplied sufficient quantity of devices.

At, Nokia 7 has almost 2000 reviews and a 99% satisfaction ratio. The number of reviews doesn’t indicate how many units were sold, but it’s good to see that almost everyone who purchased the phone and voiced their opinion thinks good about the 7. Another great thing is the much better execution of getting the device on the market, and hopefully, by the year end, we will see the device globally, even though HMD executives don’t give any signals about that.

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