Nokia 5.3 and Nokia C2 now available in Hong Kong at good prices

Every brand needs a workhorse that could ensure good sales results, and Nokia 5.3 and C2 could be just that. Those two phones might not bring the best hardware specs, but they are rather good smartphones for its class. Nokia 5.3 is starting to show up in more markets now, and Hong Kong is the next. Nokia Mobile isn’t selling the device directly on its website, but you can choose to buy the device from many official retailers listed at the site.

Unfortunately, many retailers are offering only the Charcoal version, but the 4/64 GB memory version is priced at HK$ 1,598 which is €188, or a nice price for the device. If you are interested in the offer, do check the details here.

Nokia C2 is also available in Hong Kong, and this super affordable 4G smartphone powered by Android GO is priced at HK$ 698 or €82 for 1/16GB version. To check all the details, do visit the local Nokia website.

I would like to see the same or similar prices around the world, but one thing more than universal prices that I would like to see is the removal of the Google Assistant button from Nokia devices. In the words of Fabula design, that thing is unnecessary and all the unnecessary things should be removed to indulge the aesthetics of Nokia phones.