Nokibar: Nokia 150 could look like Nokia 6300?!

At the Nokibar forum, the well-known member posted the graphic of what the future Nokia 150 could look like. According to him, the phone might resemble a very popular Nokia 6300, which had a simple and clear body design. Nokia 150 could be announced very soon, most probably with Nokia 125 that we already saw thanks to the Chinese TENAA agency certification documents. When compared with the Nokia 150 from the end of 2016, the new Nokia 150 will have probably a larger T9 keyboard, which is always welcomed, especially for the older folks that are not friends with small print anymore.
It seems that Nokia Mobile design team still is drawing inspiration in the old Nokia phones, and that is completely reasonable since that design is eternal.

If this phone is also heading to the Chinese market, we could be seeing its photos on TENAA pages soon like we did for Nokia 125. How do you like this design?