Nokia 6 most searched phone in GSMArena’s database in 2017

After revealing the most popular phones according to registered users on, GSMArena released the stats of the most viewed devices and brands in their database during 2017. If you are not familiar with GSMArena’s database, it is basically a collection of all phones and their specifications, alongside with photos, articles and reviews of the devices. The following most popular brands list and phone list are based on number of views a phone’s page got during 2017.

Surprisingly, or not, the most viewed device during 2017 was HMD’s first Android device, the Nokia 6, with over 27 million hits. The second most popular phone, and only alongside the 6 that breached 20 million hits, is Samsung’s Galaxy S8 with 23 million views.

From other Nokia phones, Nokia 8 came 11th with 8.5 million hits during 2017, while the Nokia 3 took 18th place with 6.5 million views.

In terms of brand, the most searched devices during 2017 were made by Samsung, that took 35% of all searches. Xiaomi came in second with a 25% marketshare, while Nokia (HMD Global) took the third spot with 15%. Other brands accounted for a quarter of the searches.

Thanks Akilesh for the tip. 🙂

Source: GSMArena