New Pro Camera app for Nokia 8 coming this week

The Nokia 8, last years Nokia top model didn’t have much luck with its dual camera at the back. Many owners said that the camera is the worst part of the device and that it needs to be improved. Nokia Mobile mentioned few times that they are working on a new camera app for the 8 and Juho Sarvikas told recently that the job is nearly done. Well, the long and exhausting wait for camera app update is finally over!¬†On the ChargedUp Moscow event, Juho Sarvikas announced that new, completely overhauled Pro Camera app for the Nokia 8 is done, and the update will be released by the end of this week.

I am still not familiar with all the details about, but I know that we can expect new algorithms and some things that Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco Pro Camera apps have. Anyway, Nokia 8 deserves the new camera app together with improvements, because this device brought back hope that one day we will again see Nokia Camera monster.