How to turn on Nokia Mobile’s TÜV RHEILAND-CERTIFIED blue light filter

Every smartphones nowadays features a “blue light filter”. But how many of these smartphones really undergone some extensive testing to certify that their claims actually works?
Nokia Mobile recently revealed that the low blue light filter feature on their Nokia smartphones is TÜV Rheinland-certified — TUV stands for Technischer Überwachungsverein (lit. Technical Inspection Association).

TÜV Rheinland is an independent inspection service that has been a global leader since its foundation 145 years ago. It is one of the three major TUVs in Germany, and is the largest of all. A TÜV Rheinland certification is globally recognized, and ensures the authenticity of a company’s safety claims in compliance to international safety standards.

There is no mention which Nokia smartphones has a TUV Rheinland-certified low blue light filter. However, we assume that any of the Nokia smartphones which has low blue light filter feature has undergone the same testing via TÜV Rheinland laboratories.

Why blue light is dangerous?

Of all the visible light portion of electromagnetic spectrum, blue light has the shortest wavelength — which means it produces high amount of energy. This blue light penetrates through cornea and lens before reaching the retina. Prolonged exposure to blue light will cause problems with your eye health such as itchy and red eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and even poor sleeping pattern.

Since most of us are currently undergoing lockdown and quarantine, we spend most of our time with our gadgets. Our smartphone display emit such light, and so the display industry has created a solution to this problem. They call it low blue light mode, also Blue Light Filter, Night Light, Eye Care etc., depending on the smartphone manufacturer. While the blue light is really not hundred percent eliminated, this mode will ensure that your smartphone’s display will only emit a safe limited amount of blue light.

If you have a Nokia smartphone, you can enable this by going to Settings -> Display -> Night Light -> Turn On. Note that enabling this will give your display a warmer tones, but you can adjust the intensity.

Are you using Night Light option?


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