Rumors: Nokia 9 PureView camera modules are all the same resolution + more details about memory configurations, US availability

Photo by Eero (Concept)

We are 10 days away from finally seeing the Nokia 9 PureView being officially presented at MWC2019 at Nokia Mobile’s #GetSmart event. Last three days we had a new rumor or leak happening every day. The most interesting aspect of the device, luckily for those of us that would like it to remain a secret until the official announcement, is the camera the Nokia 9 will feature. There are a lot of speculations about the specifications of the cameras on Nokia 9’s back, and we will know for sure only when the device is officially launched.


Things we know for now is that there are five cameras, a LED flash and a laser focus. The cameras should use the principles of computational photography to take photos, and behind that is allegedly the tech from a company called Light, which shared more details about their tech on smartphones here. According to Nokia Anew, all five camera modules of Nokia 9 PureView will have the same resolution. This doesn’t mean that they will have the same sensors, aperture, pixel size or other elements, but same resolution. They might be completely the same in the end, but today’s info doesn’t say that. Keep in mind, it’s still a rumor but luckily in 10 days we will know everything.


Other details Nokia Anew shared regard memory configuration. Nokia 9 PureView might appear in at least two memory configurations: 4GB RAM + 128 64GB internal storage and 6GB RAM + 128GB internal storage. Of course, the version with less RAM will also cost less. Some markets will see both variants, while others will see just one. The known markets that will only get the 6/128GB variant are Russia and United States. Keep in mind, that variant will be available in other countries as well, but Nokia Anew’s source can’t confirm the availability on a country per country basis.


Markets where the 4/128GB 64GB variant might arrive, alongside the 6/128GB, are some markets in Asia and in Central and Eastern Europe like Hungary, Poland and Romania. Lower memory means lower price, so it makes sense to have that option offered on markets that are more price conscious.

Nokia 9 PureView will probably be available in the United States of America, as Nokia Anew mentioned and there were mentions of that in FCC documentation as well. We don’t know if any carrier will offer the 9 PureView in the US, but having the option to buy the 9 there and have a valid support will be good enough for many US-based Nokia fans.