Nokia pushed two great videos explaining how to use industrial-grade wireless networks

Mobile networks are important and affect the smartphones of today in many ways, but networking news can be a little bit dull. Well, that is true, especially for most of the folks here who are interested in a technological marvel that can be held or touched. But, when you dig a little bit deeper into networks, you can see the real opportunities that those are providing, and you can see the whole purpose and interesting stuff about that behind the curtain work.

Nokia has always been good at explaining how networks operate, and how networking business is done. They are trying to make it closer to the end-users and now they published two new videos that are giving the meaning to Industrial grade private wireless networks.

Two videos published are explaining how can private wireless networks be put to use to control and improve mining operations or make autonomous production even better. Everything is put into the videos, computers, robots, automation control rooms, IoT sensors, some dramatic music, and yes, drones.

Here is the video that explains the Industrial grade private wireless for manufacturing.

Also, do check out how mining can be improved and better mining conditions achieved by wireless networks.


Does this videos do make things more clear for you?